Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Hot to Cook

What's For Dinner?
 If it is as HOT where you are as it is in St. Louis (106 degrees) you are probably not using your oven either.
Here is a quick cheap dinner!  

Spinach Strawberry Poppyseed Pecan Salad

Only Modification you may want to make is Less sugar :(  But if you are making it for a group and want to impress add the sugar... Its the best that way!
Just me and A tonight so I went with a 1/4 C. instead of 1/2 C. 

Grabbed a Rotisserie
chicken at SAMs and there you go.   A light yet filling delicious dinner!

Hope you are having a terrific Thursday!!

If you are reading this and Believe in the Power of Prayer... I would love prayer for my Dr. Apt. 8:30 am.  Its an important one.  We'll see if we get to move forward or change up something and talk about other options...  Of course we would love to MOVE FORWARD... But we are trusting God's Perfect timing for a baby!!


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  1. Ashley, It is nearly midnight, but wanted to say hello! We are in St. Louis, going to Six Flags tomorrow (7/20/12). If I had a phone number for you, I would call to say hello! We escaped from kamp for just about 36 hours to do Six Flags with the kids. Hope you are doing great!
    Bronwyn Rapp