Monday, June 25, 2012

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama!!!

Anthony and I just got to go on the most incredible trip!  State Farm has amazing incentives for their agents.  It is A LOT of work and when I say that I know I have really know idea how much work goes into earning a trip to Bermuda BUT I AM VERY GRATEFUL!! 

It was an indescribable year of blood sweat and tears!!  Starting a business is tough!!!!
But the benefit have been worth it.  
I have already started Cheering him on for next years trip!!!!

The Pictures don't do it justice!!!  

Great Friends... They are all first time travelers as agents!!!  So Proud!

The Supportive wives... "okay I guess I'll go on a free trip to Bermuda.."

It rained a couple days so we made our way to the lovely Bermudian ZOO.. 

One of my Favorite animals!!! 

The Water is Gorgeous!! and He is Handsome!  

We had a BLAST and enjoyed the "Millionaire trip"... Thats what they kept calling it because apparently if you have enough money to stay where we stayed and fly to Bermuda you basically need to be a Millionaire.  Thanks State Farm for footing the bill!!!

Interesting facts about Bermuda...
1.  You can only buy property in Bermuda if you are from Bermuda.  
2.  Starting Salary for a School Teacher is $84,000.00 (seriously)
3.  But they need to make that much because average rent for an apartment starts at $2500.00
4.  They make/grow nothing on the island (with the exception of a few local farmer that grow tomatoes, but no where near enough to feed the island)  everything has to come from the USA or Europe.
5. Bermuda is a British Commonwealth  (thought I would hear more English accents...sadly there were only a few)  

Hope you have an incredible week!!!



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  1. Dang forget india, I need to go teach in Bermuda :) Looks beautifullll so glad you and Mr. Luster got much needed time away together!!! Love you :)