Monday, February 24, 2014

Little of this & a little of that...

February is flying by way to fast.  We are anxiously awaiting the warmer weather and feel a bit teased by the kinda warm but not warm enough kinda stuff.  One of my boys "things" lately is standing at the door and looking out, seemingly dreaming about playing out there in that big world.  If I open the door and we don't go out, I'm in trouble.   
Here are a few pics of the last two weeks. 

 The boys got their first Valentine

 As you can see they loved it... 

A picture with their Valentine/Babysitter
They Love their Jenn Jenn

Recently I have been reading about what to pay a babysitter.  There are some really interesting articles out there if you are curious here is a link to what I thought was a spot on opinion.  I'm curious what other mommas think so leave a comment if you have a suggestion?
Thankfully our babysitter asked to bless us with a FREE night out so I wanted to make a fun Single Ladies night in :) Her sweet friend Cassie came over in case my boys did anything but sleep.  
7 PM bed times make for a great date night.  We don't go out often and know we need to but I do miss my babies even if they are sleeping.  I'm working on it...    

I try to keep my camera close for sweet moments like these... I love catching them "reading" or wrestling and laughing hard at each other... This twin business, while a bit busier,  is super fun! 

We also had a little play date... Let me introduce you to my sweet nephew Joshua.  He is about 3 months apart in age from Si and Eli.  I'm sure they will be best buds growing up.
Best dressed kid around!  

My sister in-law Shay and Dennis. 
They love that little guy so much and are super sweet parents. 

Hope you have a terrific Monday. 

Leave a comment if you have a Brilliant solution to paying babysitters or if you just want to say hello.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We remember you.

Perhaps its the coming of the BIG 1 for our sweet baby boys that I can't stop thinking about you.
Your brothers are growing big and they are very healthy.
Daddy and I miss you...
Even though I never got to hold you I know I will recognize you when I see you in heaven.  I can't listen to the song "Glory Baby" by watermark, without getting teary.  
I am so thankful for the hope the Lord gives us through Jesus.  My favorite lines in that song are; 

"But Baby let Sweet Jesus hold you, till mom and dad can hold you... You'll just have heaven before we do.  I can imagine heavens lullabies and what they must sound like... But I will rest in knowing heaven is your home and its all you'll ever know."

You changed me in ways I never thought possible.
One way is to simply never take advantage of my sweet boys that God has allowed me to be in charge of for a while.  What a JOB!  Help me Lord, I want to be like Christ to Si and Eli.  
Also, I never understood, I thought I did, but I now have a sensitivity and love for others that have lost there babies as well.

Our Sweet Baby AAA
 We will always remember you love!
Our Triplets :) 

Can't wait for the day when we get to see you.    

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WAHOO!!! We are 11 Months Old.

Hey Folks We Are 11 Months Old Today!!!! 

                                                                       ELI & SILAS
 Our boys "watched" their first Super Bowl Game so we needed a football outfit.  
We love Marshall's Sales!!  $5.00 Jerseys.  (Who cares if #39 doesn't play for the Rams anymore)  

This is the Best Twin 11 month old photo :(

And it just got worse... 

So the BIG change at the Luster household is NO more nursing babies.  Yes, this is a bit personal for those men reading this sorry we are getting personal today.  
I was absolutely fortunate to be able to Nurse my boys for 11 months and while I was a bit sad that they didn't care much that they were stopping I am thankful to be done.  
They are really great eaters and love milk so... we are callin it quits.

Two things that I couldn't have made it this far without are....

1.  Sisters and Friends that nursed their babies that asked question, let me ask questions, let me be around them nursing, and encouraged me to hang in there.  
#2.  MY BREAST FRIEND!!!!! Seriously thats what its called.
(its packed up as you can see but oh how she has been good to me)
If you have a friend about to have twins, who plans on nursing, this is KEY!

This pictures seems like a million years old but this is essentially what nursing two babies at a time would have looked like.  Both of them nursed at the same time so mommas of twin aren't nursing ALL the live long day.  They lay heads out front and feet to the side of me and It worked AWESOME!!
Even as they got bigger it worked great.
 We are still doing great with eating "food."  The BEST tool in the kitchen are my kitchen Shears.
And Eggs... If there is something they just aren't eating well... Stick it in a fried egg :) They love anything with and egg.  

Planning a sweet family Birthday Party I can't wait for everyone to come into town!!! 
Working on some fun projects!  
More on that soon.