Friday, May 25, 2012

Our "STAY"cation...

My Sweet Husband turned 29 years old!!!

Before I dive into our SUPER FUN SURPRISE BIRTHDAY "Stay"cation" I want to take a small moment to say to all those busy mom's out there... DON'T forget to take lots of pictures of that MIDDLE child of yours... :(  There are very few of this sweet baby because his momma was a busy lady!

Now Back to the GOOD Stuff
I was so excited to get to plan and pay for this with all money that I made doing my many odd jobs. 
(Which of Course was fun for Anthony and much easier to keep a secret)

Birthday Morning
-He slept inn while I snuck around packing and finishing preparing for our over night trip
-I went out and grabbed Starbucks to wake him up with.
-Had Breakfast while he watched the news... He loves the news :) 
-And Got in the Car and headed west. 

Finally Arrived to Our Destination
It was a perfect 70 degrees day in the beautiful Herman, MO 

We took a tour of the Herman Hill winery... which was very interesting. 

Looking from the Winery we could see the Bed and Breakfast we were going to stay at. 
(Herman Hill Bed and Breakfast)

Wine tasting was interesting... I liked the sparkling grape juice... :) 

Outside the B&B

Anthony Enjoying his Birthday Present from my parents... Ipad. 

When we arrived they took us on a tour of the B&B and then brought us a "snack" warm bread cheese and fruit... We felt very fancy and sat over looking the winery.

Our view from the room.

The Bathroom was FABULOUS... Jacuzzi Tub and an incredible steam shower and 3 different ways to take a shower... 

Closet: Refrigerator, coffee maker, ipod dock...etc What more could you ask for?

Next Morning Breakfast Served on the deck.  And then off to a surprise couples massage!! 

"The most relaxing time since our honeymoon" he said. 

*Vacation on a Budget Tips*
Stay close to home.  (There may be a jewel of a place to stay just an hour away)
Go during the week if possible (Weekends are often DOUBLE the price)
Eat Out for Lunch and Bring fun food to eat and relax in for dinner.  Make sure there is a refrigerator in your room... This was very helpful for our picnic meal in our room!

Anyone headed out of town for a fun inexpensive trip?  Always looking for an adventure or a new place close to home.  Have a terrific Memorial Day.

We are headed to the Lake for the Holiday... FREE vacation!!!  So grateful that my parents live at the Lake!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's For Dinner?

My friend Molly (who lives far away from me :(  )  Texted me the other afternoon and it simply said "What are you having for dinner?"
I loved it!! (its the simple things in life)  I told her and then we texted back and forth ideas until she had a plan that didn't involve going to the Grocery store!!  
So WHAT's For Dinner?  

If your refrigerator looks like mine does right now you may be in trouble.... I'm up for the Challenge!

Time to Shop the Cabinets...
 Secretly I kinda feel like I'm playing a game and its up to me to concoct something out of what I have. So lets see... Coffee Cream, Hummus, turkey lunch meat, a little salsa, a little sour cream, a half a bag of shredded cheese, and some taco tortillas..... (Very Sad)

 So I Moved to the Cabinet and Found:

Cream of Mushroom
Enchilada Sauce
and One of the cheapest things found in the Grocery store (Corn Bread Mix)  I think its like $.60


I almost always have frozen Chicken in the freezer... (Love that huge bag at SAMs)

Boiled 3 Chicken Breast in Water
(Cool and Shred)
Mix a big dollop of Sour Cream and a Generous pour of Salsa with the Shredded Chicken

Looks like this:

Mix Cream of Mushroom and Mild Enchilada Sauce (Set aside)

Now to Assemble:  
Make burritos with the Chicken Mixture and a bit of Cheese

Fold and Place in your oven safe dish seem side down.

Pour your Enchilada sauce and Cream of Mushroom on the Top
Cover with Cheese 

When Dinner time Comes all you have to do is Heat up the Enchiladas until Cheese is melty and just begins to Brown a bit...  (350 for 30 Mins)
Make your cheapo Corn Bread (which is REALLY GREAT)

We often add lettuce and tomato and black olives with a small dollop of sour cream right on top! 

And You have a delightful Meal!

This is a great meal to freeze or bring to a friend... I have never met anyone who doesn't like this recipe!!!   

*FYI: If you are having friends and need a larger pan just add more chicken, salsa, sour cream and use a larger tortilla to fit across the pan width.   (I had quite a bit of enchilada sauce and cream of mushroom leftover... I'll make a smaller pan and throw them in the freezer.  

 What are you having for dinner tonight?