Friday, February 24, 2012

I Like Brussel Sprouts and State Farm

Who Knew?

There are a few childhood dislikes that I believe will always be apart of my life.
I don't like: 1.  Mayo or Miracle Whip  
2. Yogurt  (I really wish I could grow out of this)
3.  Celery

But I did find something this week that made me feel like a grown up :) I really do like brussel sprouts.

Here is a delicious recipe for roasted veggies....come on just try them one more time!!!

I was cleaning out the Veggie Drawer and this is what I found.

Brussel Sprouts.......Cut in half 
(Trader Joe's has a pre-cut and seasoned kind which included salt, pepper, and garlic.)
New Potatoes (red, purple, and white)
Sweet Potato
2-4 T. Olive Oil 
Secret Ingredient:  French Onion Soup Mix

If you don't have this in your pantry you must try it!!!  You can make a quick chip dip, season potatoes or carrots/ Roasted veggies, Add to a hamburger, the possibilities are endless!!!

Pre-heat oven to 475 Degrees
Put all your veggies in a Bag 
Add olive oil: This should LIGHTLY coat each veggie
Add Lipton Onion Soup Mix
Close Tightly and shake until all Veggies are coated.

Place on a rimmed cookie sheet and Roast for 40-45 mins.


I am THE Proudest Wife of the Newest State Farm Independent Contractor.  
Anthony has finished his first year of Agency and signed a permanent contract with the company on Feb. 22, 2012!!
He has had an incredible year, full of surprises, success, stress, long nights at work, many days at the chiropractor, changing staff, little pay, huge events...etc.
Several people at State Farm told Anthony he was crazy for getting married right before the first year of opening his agency.  Apparently the divorce rate for new state farm agents is very high...
Praise the LORD we beat the odds!!!!
I get to help at his office as his accountant/book keeper/organizer/public relations coordinator/whatever else no one wants to do :) And I can honestly say I LOVE IT!!!  
I love watching him work with clients and his staff... He is first; hilarious and such a great boss.  Maybe I will tell you his "story" and how he got to this point. 
It is an incredible one that the Lord's hand is ABSOLUTELY evident through the whole process.    

Hope you have a Terrific Week end!!! 

I am making Pork Chili tonight for our date night in.  You can find the recipe at my sweet friend Cindy's Blog HERE
She is the most incredible cook... EVERY RECIPE a Crowd Please!!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Yummy Crock Pot Tuesday

We have a sweet friend Coming over for dinner tonight and My Husband ALWAYS loves an excuse to have a roast for dinner. 
An old friend of mine gave me this recipe ITS SO SIMPLE!!!

Arm/Shoulder Roast
1 envelope of Italian Dressing Seasoning
1 envelope of Ranch Dressing Seasoning (about 2 T.)
1 1/4 cup of Water 
8 hrs Low in Crock Pot
(You will love it and never go Back)

I gave this recipe to my sister and she said she will never cook it another way!!!  

I am serving it with Roasted Veggies;  diced sweet potatoes, colorful new potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots and zucchini, (i love the purple new potatoes and they are only .99 lb at schnucks...)

Monday, February 20, 2012


This is love: not that we loved God,
but that he loved us and sent his Son, 
as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 
1 John 4:10

What a lovely Monday!!  :) I bought this book this weekend for a sweet girl's birthday and decided to read a few pages before I sent it to her :) (carefully not bending the pages of course)
What a precious book!!  If you are looking for a sweet book for a young girl (Jr. High to College...or adult for that matter... :) 

 What delightful truth to my heart, as each day I feel my Sweet Savior continue to pursue me!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday

I am grateful for a day at home to CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!!

Love Month in our house has been going well, I have mostly stuck to (cheap/free things)
I didn't post any because I was trying to make it a surprise but when I walked into the living room and found my husband reading my blog.... I was busted!!!  Oh well I still have had fun being more intentional with thinking about doing sweet things for him.   
My sweet friend Jess suggested this "Love" Blog, it has some really fun ideas!
I plan to make it love year!!! At least once a week doing something extra special.

What are your Valentines Day plans?  Any fun Ideas?

Photos from the Last two weeks!!

 Favorite Restaurant/Super Cute Garden Store
(they have a garden in the summer that they use for the cafe)

 A New Fun/Free Iphone App :)

  Terrible Picture of Us BUT I am So proud of my State Farm Agent Husband!!!!
He was the TOP Auto Insurance Salesman in the STATE OF MISSOURI and Got to be on ESPN!!!

A friend of mine texted me this picture of Anthony on ESPN for the MU vs. KU Game

MU won!!!  The Game was So Exciting!!
Our sad Super Bowl Party Snacks in the comfort of our home... Cucumbers and Ranch and Popcorn and V8 Fruit Juice... We had a big weekend and decided to stay home, watch the game in our sweat pants and go to bed early...
  This was extra fun!!  The St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum Has a Stroller Tour and Free Breakfast for mom's on Tuesdays.  The art work always changes so you could go back multiple times for a morning outing... I went with the family that I nanny for.

 Funny Man with an orange suit on... Couldn't resist!!
 Museum Play area and Reading nock.
Finish up the stroller tour with a super fun Craft

Central West End in St. Louis... We live close and I love this area!