Saturday, March 21, 2015

WHOA... Here's to a bit of Catching up... Its only March :)

 2014 Christmas Card Picture

 These Beauties were taken by my lovely seester, Alison Herron.
My parents took us all to Sanibel, Island for Thanksgiving and we had such and awesome time.  Definitely a Thanksgiving to remember.  

Si and Ali

Ali and Eli



Excited Eli... We love the beach

Every evening we walked down to watch the sun go down.  

Heated Pool!! Si

Eli, Me, Si

Rozy, Simon, Adriane and (baby in belly)



Blocks that their mommy made for them with the help of Adriane and her wood saw.

Daddy putting together their kitchen.  

Trying to decide if we like the box more than the kitchen and being crazy with our beautiful cousin Jayla.

Luster Family Christmas Brunch.
This was the last time we were all together before our Sweet Grandma Lula went to heaven.
What a treasure she was to all of us.  I am so grateful for the role she played in Anthony's life and will treasure the years I got to know her and love her!

We love and miss you Grandma Lula!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall and Autumn Decor

It is still a bit warm outside for the end of September for my liking but that hasn't stopped me from decorating a bit.  I was determined to not spend any money this year shop my house for ways to add a bit of fall color.  

Candle stands turned pumpkin stands... Ball Jars, and flowers (weeds growing behind our fence), and leftover burlap ribbon from who knows when... glad I saved it.  Love it when that happens.   

I got these super cute pumpkins from a pottery barn gift card after our wedding.  Which would really make a fun wedding gift for someone getting married in the fall or winter who loves to decorate.  Help them start their collection.  My mom is the queen of decorating for all seasons especially Fall and Christmas so I was bound to love seasonal decor.  

Loving this... This frame is hanging in our kitchen and always has a different print depending on what season it is.  I actually just googled pumpkin and found this pretty guy and printed it.  
and last but certainly not least, 
Use Fall photos and stick them in frames you already have.  They immediately look like decorations.
I need to get some of my sweet guys printed but for now this is my nephew that is 8 now but I just can't get rid of this sweet chub. 

What are your favorite free or relatively cheap fall decor ideas? 

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

and I'm back in the game...for now...

The Luster's are still alive and still taking pictures of our children and still cooking and trying new fun food and still growing up too fast and still planning lots of house projects and not still but starting to exercise... and teething 4 teeth at a time X2... seriously both boys 4 teeth and I'm feeling it... I mean they are feeling it.

Was that a run on sentence?

We have been to the Lake, Chicago, the lake again, celebrated birthdays, cardinals games, we have plans for visitors and plans to go visit soon. WHEW...

We've been to most parks in our general vicinity, and so glad the weather is cooling off.  (If you are reading this and have a favorite STL park leave a comment, we would love to know)

I am loving this little stage.  Eli and Si are 1.5 years old and are keeping me on my toes.  They really are so much fun.  They are saying very few words to me but just "talk" and "talk" to each other all day long.  They love books, balls, the two cars MiMi gave us, big kids, stairs, slides and hitting and wrestling. (last two are their favorite)

Here are a few lot of my favorites.

Have a blessed day.... HAPPY FALL!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Days: Friends Visiting

FRANS!!!! :) We love to have visitors!!  My sweet college roommate and her family came for a visit last week and we sure did enjoy it!!  

Typical Parents, we forgot to get on the other side of the camera.  So we are documenting with our adorable children.  

Summer Days

We are loving these little gifts from someone who lived in the house before us.  Apparently they were quite the gardeners because I am NOT and somehow our yard doesn't look to bad especially when these and other flowers just pop up as a little treat.   

Anthony trimmed the baby mullet this weekend.... Sad to see it go but lets be really, I don't think the mullet is ever going to come back.  He still has baby curls back there but less mullet like. 

WE LOVE DIRT....  of course once its in the mouth how much can you do.... 
God made dirt and dirt don't hurt...right moms of boys?