Tuesday, September 23, 2014

and I'm back in the game...for now...

The Luster's are still alive and still taking pictures of our children and still cooking and trying new fun food and still growing up too fast and still planning lots of house projects and not still but starting to exercise... and teething 4 teeth at a time X2... seriously both boys 4 teeth and I'm feeling it... I mean they are feeling it.

Was that a run on sentence?

We have been to the Lake, Chicago, the lake again, celebrated birthdays, cardinals games, we have plans for visitors and plans to go visit soon. WHEW...

We've been to most parks in our general vicinity, and so glad the weather is cooling off.  (If you are reading this and have a favorite STL park leave a comment, we would love to know)

I am loving this little stage.  Eli and Si are 1.5 years old and are keeping me on my toes.  They really are so much fun.  They are saying very few words to me but just "talk" and "talk" to each other all day long.  They love books, balls, the two cars MiMi gave us, big kids, stairs, slides and hitting and wrestling. (last two are their favorite)

Here are a few lot of my favorites.

Have a blessed day.... HAPPY FALL!

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