Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Twinkie is having a BABY!!

So First off I would like to say Adriane and I are twenty-nine years old and I still think its crazy that we are old enough to be parents!  This may seem ridiculous but I hear older wiser people say they still feel so young and I literally don't feel a day older than 20.  So here is my tribute to being young again.  
Adriane is on the Left and thats me in the yellow!
So we got to celebrate Adriane's baby Rozlyn this last weekend and It was a very precious time... I actually secretly had to hold back tears a few times when I listened to people talk about 
how great of a mommy she is going to be.  
I am Very proud of her and She Will Be A GREAT MOMMY!

Look how cute she looks... You can't even tell she is pregnant from the back... I am hoping since we are twins and all I will be so luck :) 

 My First niece... who got to stay for the baby shower of course because she is a girl :) 
And she wanted to support her new best/only girl cousin on her Momma's side.  She is the sweetest darn thing!  

I made the new momma to be a banner with her baby girl's name on it... After the Party we hung it up in the new babies room.  

 Iphone wasn't doing the trick quite like I would have liked it to but this banner was a cute little extra made from the left over sachet material.

 My Cupcake decorating skills were tested here... Plastic Baggie with a whole cut out of the bottom corner did the trick.   People thought they were from a bakery :) 

My sister (other sister Alison, check out her cutey cute blog here) smashed an old silver spoon she found at an antique store, labeled it and stuck it in a glass jar of Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries!!!  They were delish!!

These are cute homemade Lavender Sachets... I made them like little pillows and filled them with dried lavender from a local lavender farm.  
Toss them in your undies drawer or any other place you want a little extra freshness :) 

 Cute Details... :) 

 Babies Breath (how appropriate) and some purple flowers to go with the theme)
Adriane has never been a huge fan of PINK :) We mixed up the traditional pink is for girls... Purple was really fun to decorate with!!

Cupcakes, Fruit salad, pasta salad, chicken salad, and salad salad... Lots of Salads.. Everything was tasty!!

 This was my easy and so cute idea for a little extra special cupcake!  Just fun scissors, a stapler and some cute paper.  

Hope you enjoyed our party... 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspirational Blog Hop

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So Many Things Inspire me.  I love reading about and watching creative women cover their families in love by cooking healthy meals, budgeting, making memorable moments, celebrating life through parties/showers, and planting beautiful things.     
My TWIN Sister is having a Baby in July... and I am helping plan a shower.  I have been so inspired by...

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I am also so inspired by:

Its an incredible Website for woman who want to live their lives as Jesus Christ instructs His followers in His Word.  It is full of incredible articles that cut right to the heart of wonderful, messy, honest marriage!

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I am ALWAYS inspired by Fresh Flowers and Old Glass Jars...

Hope you are inspired!  Have a terrific Tuesday...