Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Days: Friends Visiting

FRANS!!!! :) We love to have visitors!!  My sweet college roommate and her family came for a visit last week and we sure did enjoy it!!  

Typical Parents, we forgot to get on the other side of the camera.  So we are documenting with our adorable children.  

Summer Days

We are loving these little gifts from someone who lived in the house before us.  Apparently they were quite the gardeners because I am NOT and somehow our yard doesn't look to bad especially when these and other flowers just pop up as a little treat.   

Anthony trimmed the baby mullet this weekend.... Sad to see it go but lets be really, I don't think the mullet is ever going to come back.  He still has baby curls back there but less mullet like. 

WE LOVE DIRT....  of course once its in the mouth how much can you do.... 
God made dirt and dirt don't hurt...right moms of boys?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Fourth of July

We had a fabulous 4th of July.  My sweet niece Rozy is a 4th of July Baby and of course what a fun weekend to CELEBRATE!!!
Praise Jesus for the Men and Woman who fight for our freedom.  Our family is so thankful.   So many of the men and woman in our family served in the different branches of our military.  We are so blessed to have never lost anyone in any type of War or active duty.   What a sacrifice these people and their families make each and every day.  THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

This Cake (Made By Misti Atkisson) 

Rozy Roo


Granddaddy BC

Our Friend Joyce and Silas

Grandma Betty and her friend Joyce

more than"like" Sisters

 Grandma Pauline

Grandma Betty and Adriane 

We were happy just a sec. before we grab the camera :) 
We played hard all weekend long with friends and cousins.  

Sweets (ROZYROO)

Rozy and Simon 
These precious people are moving to North Carolina :(

Coloring with Granddaddy 

Poor Eli had to wear the girly Life Jacket.  First time in the LAKE.  

Silas's first time in the Lake

Oh the many faces of this little sweet kid. 

Look at that Face

More faces... Daddy rescued me from the Lake. 

Love our MiMi and so thankful for Granddaddy and MiMi's generosity to let all of us Crazies take over  their house soooo very often!  WE LOVE YOU!