Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I should have Called....

"I am so sorry I haven't called... Every time I had a minute I kept thinking I have so much to talk about and I haven't called in so long..." 

You know the conversation... This is how I have been feeling about blogging for ummmm months!!!!
And now here I am with a million things I could share and write about.  

So here is a brief overview of the last couple months.


We were so blessed to get to go be a part of my cousin Carolyn's wedding... in the VIRGIN ISLANDS!!!!  It was an amazing get away!!  I was almost completely over my food aversions (red meat still kinda creeps me out) so I definitely was able to enjoy myself.  I ate Banana pancakes almost every morning at the hotel restaurant which was outside and steps from the beach.  We went for walks every day and spent so great time with my family and especially with my new niece Rozy.  The wedding was beautiful and it is always so fun to get a chance to see my aunts, uncles, cousins, and Grandparents!!  We were all excited to welcome Shawn Cox into our Family!

My super handsome husband and I at the top of the island...Beautiful view!

Eating out at the famous Glady's Cafe on St. Thomas Island

Betty and Granddaddy... I always love getting to spend time with them!

The Beautiful Couple!

My Beautiful Sister and Rozy... (Rozy is sayin its hot out here...lets go swimming!)

The Men :)

 The whole gang, wish Ali, Scott, Brady, Will, and Aub were there.
 The adventurous ladies who will go anywhere they are invited :) Last year they went to Israel.

Aunt Elaine, Love this lady.... she reminds me of my JoJo so much!!!


Just 2 weeks later we packed up and headed to Branson.  This was my parents year for everyone to be with them for Thanksgiving.  We decided if we could find a great place to stay we would try to rent a cabin and all meet there for something different.  My search began!!  Working along with my mom we found the perfect place which was WAY out in the middle of no where... actually just minutes from our beloved camp Kanakuk, in Lampe MO.
We ate a lot, of course, learned how to make my Great Grandma's (Mamaw) chicken and dumplings, played games, watched football, watched Christmas movies, and took family pics.
So thankful for our family!

Cassie and Geoff's Wedding in Austin, TX

Yes we are still in November... man o man we crammed it in!!! After searching the world for a dress that would work for a bridesmaid dress that would fit this prego body and still fit in the guidelines of what Cass wanted her bridesmaids to wear... My mom finally saved the day and found one!!!

Their wedding day was actually Dec. 1st but we got there for the wedding festivities before the actual day.
What a blessing it was to get to spend a few days with my sweet friend Cassie before her wedding day!
Her wedding was beautiful and was such an amazing testimony of God's grace and love.
Especially evident in how the Lord can bring so many totally different people together and have the most amazing time of loving and encouraging one another in the Lord...
We had an amazing time dancing the night away!!!  I love dancing with my hotty hot husband!!
There is something about being at a wedding with my husband that just reminds me of how blessed I am to have married a man after God's Heart!!  Someone who loves Jesus more than me which is so reflected in how he leads us and loves me so well!!!
(Wish I had some pics because it was an incredible wedding)


This month has flown by and I can not believe its New Years Day!!! I some how managed to get out a Christmas post card (before Christmas) to a lot of people, stayed busy working for my sweet friend Rosemary who lives down the street,  Christmas shopped, worked on our baby room for our fast growing twin boys,  and helped Anthony at his office.  Anthony has stayed busy with running our still new State Farm office.  They say after 5 years things will get easier :)
 I am so amazed at what he knows how to do!!!!
He is really so great at his job and can only get better because of his teachable heart.  He meets with other agents, they call them "study groups" to discuss and work on their business.  He visits with older, wiser agents that teach him all the tricks of the trade... basically work really hard!!!
Christmas was wonderful and simple.  Anthony and I got to help with the worship at our Church's Christmas eve service, and then we headed to Arkansas to spend time with my older sister and her sweet family!  We are so thankful for Jesus and the true and perfect gift that he was and is to our very imperfect lives.  
This was our pic for Christmas cards taken at Thanksgiving.

Thanks for hangin in there!!!  That was not so brief but hopefully you got a glimpse into the Luster Family's last few months.

I promise to call more often :)