Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Going WAY back but must be documented

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
(Adriane was our Photographer for this one)

My family has been going to Colorado for Christmas since I was a little girl.  The tradition has continued with our babies now.  This was their first of many, Lord willing.  Well, we may throw in a few more tropical Christmas Vacations for Daddy...
 This was his first experience with a snow white out and third year going to Colorado.  He is my hero!  
For not growing up skiing he is a champ and while he would rather be sitting on a beach he does really appreciate the sport and family time tucked in a warm, lovely, mountain lodge.      

Which brings us to how we got to this lovely lodge. 
No better way than Harvey the RV!!  My parents bought an RV several years ago and we have definitely benefited greatly by this purchase.  
I'd say our trip was a success.  Complete with NAPs!!  We did it, I can't believe it!! 
Some how we only got a few phone pics and most of them are of the boys sleeping... I guess I was so shocked that they slept like this that I kept having to take pictures of them.  

Thankfully we stopped at a Hotel to finish the night.  We all were getting a bit tight and ready for a little more personal space.  

Shortly after we arrived we got to see our sweet friends Cassie and Geoff who we ALL love so much!  

This year our Christmas pic turned into a New Years pictures.  
One of my absolute favorite things is "snail mail" especially family Christmas cards.
So this is the third year in a row for us to get them out... Whew it's a lot of work.

Some of my Favorite things the boys got were picked out by my nieces and nephews right out of their own toys.  Lovingly and lightly used but perfect for us!!  I love this idea.  Not only did they get to GIVE but they also sacrificed something they have loved and got to share it with some one else.  I'd say that is a great tradition and fabulous lesson.  

We also loved our gifts from the rest of our family.  They were REALLY spoiled this year and we are still keeping busy with our new toys. 

 The Girls in the family also started a new tradition.  We made each other presents.
We usually draw names and just have to each buy one present but we let the guys do that and made some fun stuff.
This is what I made and "made" printed.  
I stitched these fun designs onto T towels.  They turned out really fun and if you have elementary sewing skills you can absolutely do this. 
I also printed some fun freebies that I collect in a folder on my computer.
These Season prints were from Here Check out all the freebies.
And I purchased a PDF file for these really cute recipe cards from Here.  This would be a super fun hostess gift. 

My sister Alison made canned Huckleberry Jam, Chocolate Sauce, and Pineapple/Jalapeno Relish.  (what a treat)
Adriane made us some really great baby proof Christmas ornaments that will be very helpful for next year.  
I think we will continue this tradition.  

Thanks Mrs. Cheryl for our Christmas Sweaters

We are almost 11 months old still wearing our 9 month clothes.  

We love this Crazy Rozy!!! 

Cooking with Aunt Ali

Christmas morning.  

Colorado 2013 
(Photo By Ali Herron)

Hope your year has started off GREAT!!  
My prayer for this year is that I would know Jesus more.  I want to love my husband better this year than I did last year and study/learn more about him, I want to go on more dates with my Hubby even if it takes extra effort.  I'm Praying also I would put aside all things I "need" to do and play, love, read and be creative with my boys.   
I love my job as a wife and a mom and I want to Glorify the Lord in this.  
Also personally I want to finally lose this baby weight to hopefully soon put it back on sometime this year.  So excited to be able to get outside and exercise.  I am getting a little antsy for spring and warmer weather.

Have a fabulous Tuesday Friends.      

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Months 11 days late

Back to blogging after a long winters break.  Still to come is a quick update of our Christmas Trip in an RV to Colorado...check back maybe tomorrow.

Can't believe my guys are 10 (and 1/2 under my breath) months old.  I have already starting the preparations for their 1st Birthday Party.  We are keeping in Simple BUT I keep thinking of fun Ideas to do... darn Pintrest.    

(Elijah is always pulling his socks off)

10 Month Update:
Silas and Elijah are almost completely weened off nursing.  :( Sigh, from a sad mother but also thankful they are such great eaters.  They eat just about anything I put in front of them.
All Fruits including Guacamole by the spoonfuls, 
Eggs...lots of Eggs...A fried egg with peas or spinach or whatever... Sneaky BUT they love it. 
Peanut Butter
Ham, Turkey, Cheese
Grilled Chicken
Mashed Potatoes... 
Oh sheesh LOTS of things!! 

Teeth!  Elijah has 2 Silas has 4.  

We are standing up, letting go occasionally, and moving along furniture.  

Mr. Luster and I are having a blast with these two crazies.  

I love that there are two of them.  They follow each other around, keep each other company, and play together.  While having twins has been a bit of a juggling act I would do it again in a second.  Minus the REALLY miserable first 3 months BUT praying that doesn't happen again.  
They are in such a fun stage that I am trying to soak up.  They are FINALLY saying momma.

Moms out there I have a theory:
Way back in the garden of Eden.  When Cain, the first baby born, starting cooing and he said,"da da da da" Adam decided that was what his name was going to be.  Daddy... yep I can live with that... He said my name! :) 
Why do they always say Da Da first. 

Have a fabulous Day!

Christmas Trip To Colorado in an RV with twin babies update coming soon.