Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Months 11 days late

Back to blogging after a long winters break.  Still to come is a quick update of our Christmas Trip in an RV to Colorado...check back maybe tomorrow.

Can't believe my guys are 10 (and 1/2 under my breath) months old.  I have already starting the preparations for their 1st Birthday Party.  We are keeping in Simple BUT I keep thinking of fun Ideas to do... darn Pintrest.    

(Elijah is always pulling his socks off)

10 Month Update:
Silas and Elijah are almost completely weened off nursing.  :( Sigh, from a sad mother but also thankful they are such great eaters.  They eat just about anything I put in front of them.
All Fruits including Guacamole by the spoonfuls, 
Eggs...lots of Eggs...A fried egg with peas or spinach or whatever... Sneaky BUT they love it. 
Peanut Butter
Ham, Turkey, Cheese
Grilled Chicken
Mashed Potatoes... 
Oh sheesh LOTS of things!! 

Teeth!  Elijah has 2 Silas has 4.  

We are standing up, letting go occasionally, and moving along furniture.  

Mr. Luster and I are having a blast with these two crazies.  

I love that there are two of them.  They follow each other around, keep each other company, and play together.  While having twins has been a bit of a juggling act I would do it again in a second.  Minus the REALLY miserable first 3 months BUT praying that doesn't happen again.  
They are in such a fun stage that I am trying to soak up.  They are FINALLY saying momma.

Moms out there I have a theory:
Way back in the garden of Eden.  When Cain, the first baby born, starting cooing and he said,"da da da da" Adam decided that was what his name was going to be.  Daddy... yep I can live with that... He said my name! :) 
Why do they always say Da Da first. 

Have a fabulous Day!

Christmas Trip To Colorado in an RV with twin babies update coming soon. 

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