Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starting off the Weekend....

Its Snowing in St. Louis... and I have the perfect drink in hand.... I cannot take credit for this amazing idea but I must share it.  My friend Wendy taught me this and it is truly Fabulous.

Coffee with a spoon of Coconut oil and my little addition, a bit of wonderful Trader Joe's Whipped Cream...
Life Changing... 
Aside from all the wonderful natural healing and cooking ways you can use coconut oil STICK IT IN YOUR COFFEE!!! Its good for you and gives a fabulous natural flavor to your cup... I have had 3 this morning. :)   

And if you are unaware of how delightful these little treats are or have an addictive personality... :)  you better not try these!!!!  They are really good! 

My Cousin Dani came to visit which is ALWAYS fun to have another hand and a sweet face that loves our boys.  We Love your Dani.

And Just a few pics to share from this weekend so far.  


Oh dear... crawled right out of his britches :) 

Oh to be a twin... I of course don't remember what being like a twin was like at this age but it must have been fun!!  Always someone of to play with... 

Our first shopping cart rides.... Wahooo... 

Steal my Heart!!!  

The rest of our weekend will consist of Packing, Packing Packing.... Headed on a BIG adventure in an RV to Colorado... Any tips on nap times with twins or sanity for the adults with 2 almost 10 month olds, 1 sweet cousin that is 1.5 years old, and 6 adults :)... Don't worry we are staying in a Hotel on the way.  

Seriously Any Tips :) 

Have a Fabulous weekend.  

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