Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspirational Blog Hop

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So Many Things Inspire me.  I love reading about and watching creative women cover their families in love by cooking healthy meals, budgeting, making memorable moments, celebrating life through parties/showers, and planting beautiful things.     
My TWIN Sister is having a Baby in July... and I am helping plan a shower.  I have been so inspired by...

Lavender and Babies Breath

Assorted Purple Cupcakes

Vintage Purple Straws 

The Sweet Mommy Likes Owls

Cloth Banners...(Purple of Course) 


I am also so inspired by:

Its an incredible Website for woman who want to live their lives as Jesus Christ instructs His followers in His Word.  It is full of incredible articles that cut right to the heart of wonderful, messy, honest marriage!

The Ultimate Truth... 

I am ALWAYS inspired by Fresh Flowers and Old Glass Jars...

Hope you are inspired!  Have a terrific Tuesday... 


  1. I love this!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to see pictures from the shower! :)
    Happy Tuesday friend!

  2. ooo, I love these ideas! Especially that love banner... and I'm totally with you on the purple thing ;)

  3. such cute ideas for a baby shower!

    ps, swinging by from the blog hop :)

  4. seriously great finds! Came over from the blog hop...cute blog!