Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Si and Eli

One of my favorite moments of the day is to go peek my head into the boys room when they first wake up.  I love sleepy faces!!!  I had to bring my camera in, of course, to capture the first moments of their 1st birthday.  



We celebrated their actual birthday on Tuesday, March 4th and then partied with our families on Saturday.   You can't tell in these pictures but shortly after we had dinner Silas and I discovered we had a stomach bug...flu...who knows what it was... NO FUN THOUGH!   

Party Time!!

My lovely mother, sister, and of course smokin hot husband. 
Thanks mom for helping with the food.  



Auby and Rozy "the girls"

Enjoying one of his favorite meals I make that I learned from my dear friend Cindy Dude.  Go Follow her blog... You wont regret it!

My lovely sister inlaw

We are working on kissing :) I love this picture!! Notice his little hand pulling on my scarf.

I made my boys their own picture books.  One was all the different members of our family so they can work on names and faces since we don't get to see everyone as often as we would like.  
And the other book was the places we have been in our first year. 

I'll cherish this pic of these men.

These men as well... I have the best Brother in-laws EVER!

Our sweet friend... joining in on the party... wishing she was here.  We missed her.

My first nephews!! Love those guys!  
oh and Marie and Age :) 

This is my son!!!  He loved his cake. 

Not sure where this boy came from... only explanation for this kid not diving head first into anything sweet (like his momma and daddy) is that at this point he was REALLY ready for a nap and started singing, shortly after this, "Its my party and I'll cry if I want to" 
He still looks super duper sweet! 

I made their ties and my sweet husband is such a good sport :) 

Family :) 

Lovin it

Tears :(

Killed that cake!

Beautiful Sister... also photographer of the day... needed to get in a photo before the day was over.  

Remembering our "Glory Baby" 
This hangs over our boys beds with their ultra sound pics.

Miss my other baby but Oh so thankful for these sweet guys.  

I have learned so much this year.  I am so thankful to get to be a mommy.  
I am overwhelmed by the massive responsibility that the Lord gives parents but thankful for those who have gone before me who I can watch and learn from.  I am sure I have already made mistakes... Someone is bound to have an overbite from a pacifier and I am sure they have already watched the suggested amount of television for a 1 year old BUT like my profile says 
"I'm not who I was when I took my first step but I'm clinging to the promise HE's not through with me yet"
Thank you Jesus for GRACE and for protecting my babies and loving them!  
I want to know you more and I want cover my boys with your love and grace.

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

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