Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Catch Up...

 Our babies are 8 MONTHS OLD.
Eating Baby Food and snacks like cheerios and a few bite size veggies.

Silas is crawling like a champ and pulling up ON HIS FEET this kid is making me sing and shoot "TRUST and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus but to TRUST and obey."
Silas's crib is already at the lowest point.  Makin me nervous!!!

Eli is my talker!!  His nickname around here is Easy E because he is just a sweet laid back dude.  
He says DaDa all the time and just jibber jabbers all day long.
He moves just as fast but prefers the army crawl and sits up really well. 

I am continually reminded of how unique they both are and how much I want to love them exactly how they are.  Having twins, or just more than one kid, it is easy to compare...blah blah blah... (I don't want to do this) all babies are different and fearfully and wonderfully made by the KING.
Our sad attempt to visit the pumpkin patch it was absolutely the most sunny day, which was beautiful but not great for photos.  I also had really high expectations for the folks standing around as photographers... no such luck, we did get one pretty good one.  

Rockin the Cardinals hoodies that Anthony came home with for all the world series watching we did this fall.  We love us some cardinals.  

Hmmmm what else...

The boys and I took a trip to Montana to visit Ali and Scott and the cousins... First plane ride... Whew... that was fun... okay not terrible but one of those flights I was REALLY READY to get off. 

Note to all traveling moms with twins:  There is only one extra oxygen mask in each row soooo that means whoever you are traveling with has to sit in a completely different row than their momma.  Praise the Lord for my mom who is a super hero!!!

Also this fall I have gotten to do something I love to do but don't get much chance to.... Photography
Sweet family photos and Senior Pics

The Scharr's Family pre birth of their sweet baby boy.  

Sweet Kayla Class of 2014
Can't believe she is almost out of high school.  I met this precious girl when she was in 6th grade.

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