Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Go Cardinals!!

St. Louis is hands down one of the most fun cities to live in if you are a baseball fan.  The cardinals could have a disappointing season and still... it is such a fun event to be apart of.
Fortunately we are having a REALLY great season and we have gotten to go to quite a few games this season.  We have also fortunately birthed twin boys who love being held and outside with lots going on. We always prepare for the worst but so far have been pleasantly surprised!!!

That awkward moment when you want to ask the stranger to try again since Eli wasn't looking but you chicken out... oh well...

Handsome Daddy and his boys... 

Silas and Mommy...who in this picture obviously could have used a nap that day. 
(the mommy that is)

My sweet Eli... lookin a little sleepy as well.  

Go CARDS!!!!  Have a great Wednesday!

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