Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharing Plants for inside your house.

Sharing Plants... Literally Sharing plants :)  
My grandmother (Jo-Jo) gave my mom a clipping of her Philodendron who planted it and then gave each of her daughters a clipping so we each have a plant growing in our house from my mom via my Grandmother.  

If you know anything about Philodendron you know its almost impossible to kill.  It can go for weeks without being watered... this is not recommended...but if you happen to neglect the poor thing you can just give it a drink and it will perk right up.

Also from my mom, and equally easily clipped, rooted in water, and planted, is a Coleus.
My mom just snipped a few pieces, I stuck them in water for a few days and then planted them in potting soil.  Easy Easy Easy!!!!

If your pot doesn't have any way to drain I would put a few rocks at the bottom.  This helps the water to drain from the soil.... Don't ask me why... its really just something I do because thats what my mom does :) 

Other Plants that grow and duplicate like this are the Wandering Jew on the Left and a Jade Plant.  The Jade Plant is a bit more tedious.  If anyone reading this is curious email me and I will let you know the procedure of this particular plant.  It came from a dear family friend and I have 4 small ones growing now.  

This is another philodendron.

And one more Coleus.

So next time you are at a friends house and see one of these lovely little house plants ask them if you could clip a bit off and start your own.  My plants are not only making our house air more clean and fresh but they are also full of history.   I love the idea of sharing them with different generations in our family. 

And of course we must add a pictures of these little dudes.  They may never care about a Philodendron but maybe their wives will want one :)

 Speaking of green things :) Hmmm Peas.... 

Have a terrific week. 



  1. I love it! Even your plants are obeying commands in scripture to be fruitful and multiply ;) I'll be looking for those plants to clip from so I can grow some plant friends in my home. :) Love you Ashley!

    1. Absolutely Amanda :) Hope you find some :)