Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend @ the VB Farm

Labor Day Weekend we got to go to our friends farm to do farm stuff (said in my southern accent) 
Picked Veggies from the Garden...LOTS of Veggies.... 
Sat outside 
Walked in the fields
Ate good food with friends around a really large Farm House Table
Saw new baby cows
9 kids, 7 adults

We probably picked 100 tomatoes.  I love fresh tomatoes from the garden.  While I am excited for the cooler weather the one thing I miss the most about summer is the wonderful produce.

The garden had Flowers, watermelon, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, turnips, strawberries...sheesh and lots of other things.

Anthony went on a tour of the farm.  We love the Vonder Bruegges and the Hogans.  

Annie and tomatoes straight from the garden... 

Rylie (Future babysitter, she was a huge help to this momma)

The Boys were loving the attention and the warm weather.  I love that they love being outside. 

Josh Hogan and Anthony


This farm was equip with a clothes line....

and a dinner bell.

Scott and the little squirrel hunters.

Daddy and Eli Representing ole State Farm

Watching cartoons right along with the big kids. I loved this!!!

Our Twin Friends in our Camo of course.

Family Photo

 Erin and Kids...the lovely Hostess

Sooo thankful for friends that love the Lord and love people so well.  We had such a great time and are excited to go back when our boys can run around, jump in hay, sit in hammocks, ride the tractor... Everyone needs a friend who has a farm :)  

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