Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Fun, Friends, Mini Van.....WHAT??? yep MINI VAN

Summer in Missouri calls for baths outside.  Si and Eli love being outside.  They love when our neighbors come visit.  They are both happy sweet babies.   They are still nursing champs and have had several 8-9 hour nights of sleep BUT not as consistent as their mama would appreciate.  
Eli seems to be my little social man with a sweet tenderness...He gets sad when his brother is sad.  They are both laughing and drooling lots :) No teeth yet.  Silas still has the most hair but we are curious to see what happens in the next couple months.  

We had a girl friend weekend at the Lake.... So fun to see forever friends from college.  

Eli almost always ends up on his belly and Silas usually sleeps on his side or back.  

Our sweet forever friend Steph

My Boys love their Aunt Adriane 

Swimming with our Cousin Rozy

A pontoon boat is like a very large pack and play :) 

Our sweet friend Gavin...loves him some pacifiers 

Random sweet insta gram thrown in here.  

Bath time at Mimi's 

Our Friend Jenn is always spoiling our babies with cute Jordan apparel :) My little ballers :) 

and.... Drum roll...... We are officially mini van owners :) 

This blog post was started about a month ago... Just getting it out so we have much more summer photos to share and I plan to share a few delicious recipes we have added to our lives this summer.  I love finding new favorites that become easy normals in our house.  

Have a fabulous week!!  

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