Friday, July 5, 2013

HAPPY 4th of July and A little more of this and that :)

Happy 4th of July, Happy 1st B-day Rozy, and Happy 4 months old Si and Eli.

LOTS to celebrate!!  We spent the 4th of July with my family at the lake and celebrated Rozy's first birthday!  It was quite the the celebration and lots of family were able to be there so we had a fun family reunion...kinda. :) 

This was our father's day present photo shoot :) 

Sleeping in the Hall :) Cousins in the living room and in every room :) We come with lots of stuff :) 

Love my Sweet Sister....

Great Granddaddy BC Very Patriotic photo :) 

Great Grandma Betty 
They both look a sleep but just Eli is :) 

Anthony and his buddy the Birthday Girl!!

Sweet Daddy and Silas

I love when my boys fall asleep somewhere like their Great aunt Elaine's leg :)
Training for an on the go family.   

Great Uncle Tim

Their buddy Travis.... He somehow seems to end up at all family functions :) Glad Emily comes too :) 

Swim Swim Swim 

Couldn't resist these sweet swim trunks.  

Our buddy Marin Adams 

I love when my boys get to see their GREAT grandparents!!!  We always take lots of pictures.  I know so many people who didn't get to know theirs and I was blessed to know almost all of mine.   

Great Grandma Pauline

Elijah Anthony Luster 
4 months old weighing in about 11.5 lbs

Silas Anthony Luster
4 months old weighing in a little less at about 11 lbs.  

Family Pic :) 

2nd time on the boat :) 

Daddy driving us...It was stinkin raining :) but that didn't stop us :) 

bundled up with Mimi


  1. Yea!!! I love all the pics:)! The boys r just precious & o my growing!!! Soo sweet with all your family too:)!!!!

  2. So many pics and each cuter than the one before! Love seeing the adorable boys and all the fun family times. Hoping we get to catch up soon. xoxo