Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy One Month Sweet Boys

Welcome to Blog Land my little Men

I can't believe they are one month old today. The time is already flying by so time to start documenting our little lives. 

Silas Left and Elijah is on the Right

Quick Summary of the Events leading up to the BIG moment.
Thursday, Feb. 28th: went to hospital but was sent home only dilated 2 cm.  
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: I continued to have contractions but I was never able to figure out a pattern or if they were close enough to go back to the hospital.  I was bound and determined to not go back to the hospital unless I knew for sure they would keep me.  
Sunday:  I called my mom and said I think we might need to go to the hospital.  She jumped in her super mom mobile and headed to the city.
7:00 pm Sunday night:  We were waiting for her at our front door.  When she pulled up we got in the car and were headed to the hospital.  
Because both babies were head down and right next to each other my cervix was still not dilating.  One of them needed to lead the way to start the process.  They gave me an epidural(which made my whole body itch... so weird but was the greatest relief EVER!) and started me on pitocin.  I was told to get some rest and they would come check me in the morning.  We all fell a sleep and got some okay rest.  My mom and Anthony were troopers.  They stayed by my side All night.

Anthony got suited up and ready for delivery!!!  He was so great to have by my side!!  
Because we were having twins we had to be in the operating room which was quite the ordeal... It felt like there was at least 20 people in the room.  

Anthony was the photographer and did such a great job documenting.  Much more than the blog world should ever see. :) 

First Photo Together

Born March 4th, 2013

Silas was born at 2:31 pm and weighed 5lbs 13oz.  He came out a blazin... He cried until he got to nurse.  He is such a sweet snuggly baby. He's a great eater and sleeps like a champ... They have had several 4 hour spans of sleeping at night. He does not like to have his diaper changed and seems to be a bit more strong willed than his brother Elijah.  Most people think he is the one that looks like his mamma and my sister in-law says he looks like my dad :).  His skin is a little lighter than Eli.  He does have his mamma's lips but thats all I really can tell at this point.  

Elijah came out chillin.  Daddy was a little concerned because he didn't make a peep until they made him cry but still it didn't last long.  He was wide eyed and just looking around.  He is also a sweet snuggly baby and while he cries sometime when he gets his diaper changed he is typically more okay with being messed with than Si.  He is also a great eater and sleeper.  Both boys pretty much eat, sleep, and need their diaper changed. EVERYONE says he looks like his daddy.  Again... I can't tell. 

So far they have met all of their Aunts and Uncles and cousins.  They have met their grandparents and great grandparents.  Our family has been so great!!! Spoiling us with love, food, holding babies, changing diaper, cleaning...etc.  Our Sweet friend Courtney has been here a lot as well and she sure does love our boys.  She has been so helpful!

Our church has been so great!  We have had so many meals brought to us and they have all been so helpful and delicious!!!!

Silas and Elijah went to church for the first time on Easter at the Lake of the Ozarks.  They met lots of old time friends being at the sweet church I grew up in.  They did really great and barely made any peep.


This is our Iphone Easter Picture... (Better than nothin) 

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!
I'm excited to keep you updated on the Luster family.  


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  1. OK, I started to write a comment and not sure what happened but it disappeared. You may have two from me. It makes me happy to read about your boys. They are dreamy! I know you and Anthony have to be so busy caring for, feeding and loving those two babies. Be encouraged today! You are a great mommy and we are praying for you. Love, Bronwyn