Friday, October 12, 2012

.....And I'm feeling gooood....

17 Week Update!!!  
I can't say thank you enough to everyone that has been praying for me!!!!  Everyone keeps saying that I feel better because I'm in the 2nd trimester and while I will say that may have something to do with the smile on my face in this picture but... I tell ya I know it is truly a miracle and an answer to prayer that the hyperemesis didn't last any longer.  Lots of woman with this are sick for their enitre pregnancy and I am so happy to report I have been completely medicine free for a whole week!!!

I have gone back to pretty much normal daily activities and I am eating more than just PB&J, granola bars, cream of wheat, and canned fruit.
I am drinking carnation instant breakfast for the protein and vitamins. 
(Still not eating ANY meat... Gross Me Out)
 I'm eating Carbs... Bagels and Cream Cheese and Beans, Rice and Cheese Soft Tacos :), and Lots of Apples.  

We found out early that we are..... Drum Roll Please.... Having 2 


For some reason since the beginning of our pregnancy I have thought boys... BUT really wanted girls.  I have always been the babysitter of girls!!!  I love to play with hair, make crafts, color, play princess!! And its Adriane that was always so great with boys!!!  She had a girl of course!!  And she is the sweetest girl momma!!  Look at her :)    

I am very excited about having boys... They may not have names for the first year of their precious lives... because we can't think of 2 that we like together or just two. :) This naming stuff is hard!!!
If for some reason they made a mistake and there is a girl and a boy inside of me I think we could name them tomorrow but as for now we are on the hunt for boy names.

We have a big Doctors Appointment this next week which will decide a few things for us.  They will do a very thorough ultra sound which will include measuring my cervix and making sure that everything is on track and healthy for a long full term pregnancy.  This will determine if
I am going to travel to my cousins wedding in the VIRGIN ISLANDS.... Yeah... thats what I said...the Virgin Islands :) Which would be an amazing little get away for Anthony and I.  We would go with my family and get to stay for 4 days.  AMAZING!!!     

I really need to write blogs more often.  I feel like I just wrote a book and could keep going.  

Things I could talk about:
The Bible Study I am In (Loving It)
Sweet Mom's that keep telling me they have FREE baby boy stuff for me.
Cleaning out Stuff Trying to start preparing for babies
How Wonderful My Sweet Husband is!
Why I love Fall so much!

Maybe next time :) 
Have a great Weekend!!


  1. Ashley! You look awesome!! So excited for you :)

  2. Congrats on getting to eat sis! Y'all will be such wonderful parents to boys! You'll love every second! Love ya! Great update!

    1. It's Scottie by the way!

  3. Ashley!!!! 2 boys!!!! Soooo excited for you all!!!!! Hey, a lot less drama with boys:)! You both will be amazing parents & I cant wait to hear the names!!! Soo glad you are feeling better too! Enjoy this precious time of preparing!! lots of love!!!