Monday, October 22, 2012

Report Card is In and we Have Straight A's

This last wednesday we had our big doctors appointment and this Momma and both boys got GREAT reports!!!  This ultra sound was definitely my favorite out of all the ones we have had.
They measured the boys heads, bellies, arms, legs, feet, hands, kidneys, hearts, EVERYTHING.... It took forever but I would have stayed all day!!  It was so fun to see them at 17 weeks!!!  
I haven't actually felt them moving in side me yet...BUT... they are active little boys.  They were moving like crazy during the ultra sound.  

Here are a few pictures... Our Nurse was amazing and she printed sooo many for us!

There is no doubt that these little guys are BOYS... :) Their daddy was so proud of how proud they seemed to show us with no shame they are BOYS :)

I love the Thumbs up :) "Mom, we're doing great in here!!"

I love how they still call them baby BB and baby CC... You can't see our sweet Glory baby, Baby AA but we will never forget her/him!  All three babies will be in the beginning of the baby book.  

Also other Fun things going on at the Luster Home is our Amazing St. Louis Cardinals!!!!
We haven't missed a game, on TV that is :) We did get to go to one of the Cards games against the Nationals which was both of our first post series game.  We got to go on Friday as well for the last game in St. Louis and even though the game was stinky!!!  We still always have fun!  Hoping for a world series game... Tonight's game is do or die!!! 

  Nationals vs. Cardinals

This was my layered up...Its going to be cold outfit!!  T-shirt, long sleeve tee shirt, polar fleece, vest, hat, long underwear, jeans, wool socks, and hunter boots... I was NOT cold :)

 San Fransisco vs. Cardinals

Saturday Night Movie and Cookies on the Couch...

Hope you have a great week!!  Happy Monday!

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  1. YAaaayyyyyy boys. I love, love, love that they are baby B and baby C. Baby A is loved and not forgotten, a testimony to God's grace in your lives at the end of it all. I love you Mamma. Can't wait to feel that belly in a couple weeks!!! Maybe they will decide to kick for the first time while Aunt Court is visiting?