Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Changing Months...Sheesh where Do I start?? Part 2

Part 2 

*Thank you for everyone that has read this and left encouraging words on facebook, email, text.  We appreciate your prayers more than you could ever know!!*

@The LAKE with My Super Hero Mom...

Just before I went into the Hospital we had our second ultra sound which revealed that one of our precious babies heart beat had slowed down.  He/She wasn't developing as well as the other two and the Dr. was concerned but said there was nothing we could do and only time would tell what would happen.  We were of course sad and concerned but we trusted the Lord and prayed for a miracle and are so grateful for our family, church family, and friends that prayed along with us. 

My precious sweet husband definitely should be awarded the greatest Dad/Husband award.  He has read everything he can get his hands on and knows far more about being pregnant than I ever care to know.  At every week he has told me what I can expect and possible side effects.  
He read about mothers who got the same news yet went back to the Dr. and the baby was fine.  Of course he was such a sweet encouragement to my heart every step of the way.

The Incredible Sad Part

After being in hospital for the week and then staying at the lake I had to go home for our next ultra sound.  We knew this appointment was possible going to be a hard one but felt as if the Lord had prepared our hearts for either way.
I never realized how difficult it would be to love 3 babies growing inside of me and then get the news that one of those precious babies was no longer with us.  
Our precious sweet pea went to heaven.  
After many tears and some teary days that come and go we will always remember our 3rd baby.  We are grateful for our 2 babies that are growing and are very healthy.  
(This is our Baby that went to Heaven)

This Sweet song has always been a song that I love but now it means so much more to me.
I remember the words of David in 2 Samuel when he lost his son.  After praying and fasting he gets up and says that his son will not come to him but he will go to his son some day.  

What an incredible day it will be when we meet our 3rd baby in Heaven.  

Getting Better....

I have now been home for a week and a half.  I am at 13 weeks and 3 days and I am feeling much better.  I no longer have to use the Zofran pump because I am able to take medicine orally and be confident that I can keep it...if you know what I mean. 
I have slowly been able to add more activity to my day and while I can't miss a dose of my medicine I am now able to go for a walk, do some house work, and I have been able to 
go back to my little part time job of assisting my friend with computer work for a few hours a week.
In the last few months my diet has consisted of apple sauce, canned fruit, orange juice and capri suns.  I am thankful to report that I my appetite is growing and I am finally able to eat more.  Still very simple but definitely more substantial and I am no longer losing weight. 

Prayer Request  

1.  Please pray for our 2 precious babies growing inside me.  Pray they would continue to grow and be healthy babies.

2. Please pray for my nausea to stop.  Our doctor says that because I am gradually getting better when we cross over into the second trimester I might actually be able to start enjoying being pregnant. 
But I have also heard of woman that are sick through their entire pregnancy.    

3.  Please pray for my sweet Anthony.  While I am home eating crackers and canned fruit he is having to fend for himself.  He is getting sick of eating sandwiches and eating out.  It is still difficult to cook or even warm things up in the house because the smells still bother me.  

Thank you So Much for your prayers!

I am excited to use this blog to document this amazing journey the Lord has us on and can't wait to share more news like the sex of the babies, how they are growing... How I am growing :)




  1. Love and hate this post all at once.
    As a mama I can not even imagine the ache that comes with losing your precious baby. Praying for your heart. But praising the Lord that we have the hope that you will some day see your precious little one. Hallelujah thankyou Jesus!

    Thankful that your nausia is finally subsiding! We'll just be praying that in the next week or so it would go away completely!

    Can't wait to see pics of your little belly:)

    Hope your day is good tomorrow!!!

  2. I'm so happy for your healthy babies. I have tears for the one that went to heaven but I know that was God's plan for you. Even I wasn't as sick as you, I was very sick for the majority of my pregnancy and didn't enjoy it at all (thoughts of doing it all over again still make me nervous--I'm sure baby fever will set in soon though), but I feel like somehow I went throigh it and came out with this very pleasant, funny, smart and EASY baby through all the terrible pregnancy and birth...at least thats what I tell myself. ;-)
    so basically what I'm trying to say is that everything they say is true... it's totally worth it all, you will forget the sickness and the pain and you really will learn what pure unrelenting love is once these babies are in your arms. :-)

    Praying for you and your family.

    Carly B

  3. Ashley, thank you for sharing your precious life! God bless you and your growing family and you are definitely going to be in my prayers, sister. Love you!

  4. Love ya Ashley. You know how when you REALLY feel like you know what someone is going through you just want to reach through the computer and give them a big hug!!? I can relate to this post so well. Proud of you even in writing this, a part of your healing. Praying for healthy full term babies for you and no more sickness after week 15 (I know that sounds crazy right now but for some reason 15-16 is the turnaround weeks). Praying for all aspects of your life right now as they have all be turned up and rearranged...life will never be the same, but in the BEST way!:)! Can't wait to hear the sex of these sweet ones!!
    oh and ps. here's the link to the best double stroller out there:) julie, lauren and amber all have it and love it!

  5. Prayed for you and your babes this morning, friend. What a blessing to see your faith in action through what could be an incredibly trying time. I know you don't just write it--you live it. Love you so, so much and already love your little people. jess

  6. Ashley, I am so incredibly sad to find out about baby #3. I've been praying for you all and will continue to do so. I am hoping your nausea subsides and you do get to enjoy being pregnant and to be excited to get to meet your babies, instead of praying for that day to come so your pukey misery can end. I'm excited for you and your husband and after watching the Bass' deal with twins, you may want to move to the lake permanently (just joking). Hoping for a boy and a girl...

  7. Ashley, I'm praying. My heart breaks for you and Anthony. I pray that you find more of Christ and continue to trust in His strength. Praying for Anthony as he is taking care of you and his family. What a good man who trusts Jesus and works hard. I love you, dear sister.

  8. What an experience. I can't imagine feeling such joy and sorrow losing one baby but still being blessed with two. And man can I relate to feeling so nauseous that you swear you'll never do the whole pregnancy thing again! That was like me in labor. It was the middle of a contraction when I had absolute clarity about adopting in the future :) But it sounds like you have gotten the heaviest dose of morning sickness that I've ever heard of. I will continue to pray for you and your sweet family!