Monday, January 16, 2012

Lovely Monday 

I really like Mondays!!! I am sure that it is because I don't have to battle the traffic and head to work after a relaxing weekend... which is making me very thankful even as I do the laundry.
Monday's for me are fairly typical...
Wake Up
Make a Smoothie for Anthony and I 
Clean the Kitchen
Start the Laundry
Make our Bed 
Make a cup of coffee
Check my calendar making sure everything that is planned for this week is at least slightly in my brain!!!
And my Favorite:  Sit and Read a Bit with my coffee.

My mom gave me this really great devotional for Christmas that I am loving!!! (Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young) The author, using scripture, has written daily readings as if Jesus himself were talking to me!!  It's great because the author is careful in keeping with the Character of Christ and all the promises he has already given us.   
I have also decide to read Pilgrims Progress again, or start it and fully finish it!!
For some reason I have been thinking about that book a lot lately.  

For those that are like me and have a hard time having a Quiet time because your mind is awake and going a million miles I have a simple trick that my dear friend Mrs. Kay told me.  
It is Simple YET so profound.  

When you sit and read always have a note pad and or your calendar near so that you can quickly jot something down without completely wrecking your time.  Its inevitable that I will constantly be thinking of all I need to get done and how I am definitely going to forget something.  If something comes to mind write it down and move on.  

Later today(Maybe tomorrow) I am going to post a dessert I made this weekend that is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser and only has 3 ingredients!!!  Super Easy!

Hope your Monday is Terrific!



  1. Yea, Ashley! I love it. Welcome to the blog world, there is NO DOUBT you have so much wisdom to offer! Seriously girl, after watching you at work this weekend at the retreat, I am in awe of what the Lord has given you--such a sweet and wise heart! Can't wait to see what he has in store for your blog...Happy Monday!!

  2. Ooo loving this advice!!! Going to start doing this!