Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Pics and Si and Eli Updates

Happy WAY belated Easter!
(Never to late to think about Easter again)
 But had to share these sweet pics.  

We had such a sweet day.  Our church does a sunrise service every year and it is always so sweet to be outside (when its warm enough, which it was) praising Jesus and thanking Him for the greatest sacrifices ever made.  
Then we had Easter lunch with Anthony's family, which is always a blessing. 

We waited until after Church to take these pics and we got a few good ones but lets be honest who wants to take pictures after your mom woke you up, made you wear a tie, and made you sit out side really early :).  They actually did much better than expected.  

One thing is for sure these kids like to be outside.  Eli loves to put just about anything in his mouth and Silas while a bit more cautious gets right in there after a bit of testing his surroundings. 
Eli is standing on his own and taking a few steps.
Silas will stand but then just does the "nervous King girl Laugh" and sits down or launches his way to his momma or daddy.  

They are super fun.  I am loving watching them learn and play together.  I will sometimes just stand out in the hall and listen to them chit chat to each other.

Eli is definitely the more take charge kinda guy.  He is mostly unaffected by toys being taken from him.  However that may be because he is usually the one doing all the taking.  He is a rascal.
Silas is still my veggie man and Eli my fruit guy. 
They both like their carbs... sorry guys you might have gotten that from me. 
Never met a muffin or piece of bread I didn't like.  

Still have straight hair :) Come on Curls... I am losing hope.... 

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter Sunday and that we continue to have our eyes 
fixed on our RISEN LORD. 

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