Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Neighborhood.... wellllll kinda :)

My husband and I moved to the "city" almost a year ago and I have really been enjoying living in Clayton.  Its probably my favorite part of St. Louis.

My Favorite part of living here is the incredible neighborhoods I get to walk through.  You look one way out our front door and you see starbucks and high rise buildings and you look the other way and you see these neighborhoods that have the crazy unattainable kind of houses... (This is good for me... if they were semi. affordable I know I would be coveting the whole walk...)

We also have the beautiful Forest Park Just a bike ride away... If you haven't visited St. Louis it is a wonderful place to come have an affordable vacation.  :) (I sound like I am getting paid to say this :) I'm really not I just like this city)  

The Early spring flowers and trees have been an incredible blessing.  I love these Jane Trees not only are they beautiful like the pear trees, the Jane trees actually smell wonderful.

 Anthony and I finally joined the gym down the street from our house and of course the next week the weather would be unbelievable... Who wants to work out in the gym when you can run these white legs outside :)

And one Random Photo of my Super Handsome Husband... :)  Just thinking I suppose...

 For those of you that read this... Please pray for us these next couple of weeks are important baby making weeks...Dr. Apt, Medicine..etc... We would love the prayers!!!

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